Saturday, January 31, 2009

The “Question of the Day” section is really out of control today and I have to say… I have honestly and truly NEVER seen anything like this on any other site. Especially not with these things being DIRECTED TOWARDS the site itself. It kind of offers hope though, for the rest of us. This reaction everyone is having. It says, “We are TIRED of brain candy!”. It says we are in many ways rebelling against what they are dishing out because we have had ENOUGH. Bloggers are reclaiming their turf. GET OFF OUR LAND!

You want tips, Julia? If you get together with a couple of girlfriends and a great idea, and two of them aren’t really writers, don’t have much experience with blogging… why not just SAY so from day one? Why not say, “Hey, no we aren’t professional bloggers. No we don’t know entirely what we are doing or where we are going with this idea. We have only a vague idea of how to make money off of this. But it’s an idea we have and we want to really just be ourselves, and share that with you, and let this evolve and tell US where it wants to go!”. I think you would have been better received than by pulling 2 girls out of nowhere and touting them as “professional bloggers” and even moderate “experts” in their fields. REAL experts and bloggers will spot a fake from a mile away and well… look what happens. There is something to be said for just keeping it real, leveling with people, being candid. I think it’s appreciated. I think then you would have had the support of people when you make mistakes. But the constant victim stance you all take, mixed with the constant looking down the nose.. mixed with the rude way you reply to your readers feedback, rather than appreciating it and BEING ACTIVE IN A COMMUNITY YOU CREATED, rather than hiding behind “Question of the Day” features and “Advice Box” features that are shallow and flimsy and don’t make anyone feel connected with you at all. Especially when you are blatantly, immaturely, and unethically deleting comments that you don’t like. You’ve only made it worse for yourselves. Don’t we learn in Kindergarden to ignore someone when they tease you? Your deleting was not passive. It was aggressive. It separated you.

I have some more advice. Some more ideas. But you guys will just have to wait a few more days. I think I’ve left you with more than enough to ponder.

To follow… my favorites from todays QOD. Better hurry before they delete delete delete.

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