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Hi Mary,

I have never written to any of you ladies at NS, but lately those reblogging sites are just out of control. They are completely out of line. I don’t know you, but as a stranger it is painful to read the toxins spouted at you for no reason. Especially this weird moral high ground they claim to be taking lately about ethical business practices. I would have quit long ago with hundreds of critics chirping over my shoulder and reading every punctuation mark.

I’m not sure what the point of this message is other than to say you are very brave and often hilarious and your new haircut looks really great and fuck haters. You guys are doing really well for a venture started in this economic shit storm, and it IS inspiring to see women going completely out of their comfort zones to start a business (though I guess this is really your second business so double yay :)…

Please keep smiling and damn the torpedos! I’m sure you get a ton of messages from fans (and if not, they ARE out there), its just the silent, odious minority of gawker commenters who have run amok all over the internet drowning out anyone else with a different opinion.

Take care,

(via Facebook)


Oh for the love of God. This little air head on Facebook OBVIOUSLY does not know that they the only toxins are the ones Mary is constantly (and fruitlessly: pun intended) trying to rid herself of. With Blueprint cleanses that are today’s Fish Oil. A SCAM. The girls know this. They have read Gawker, the NYT and other REPUTABLE publications that have exposed this. This Facebook chick obviously also doesn’t know that They have pulled illegal punches like HIDING KEYWORDS in their page codes to get the results they have gotten so far. I wonder what their results would be if they RAN THEIR BUSINESS WITHOUT CHEATING.

PS: A reader pointed out in the comment box that THERE ARE STILL HIDDEN KEYWORDS ON THE ADVICE BOX PAGE. Fucking shady. And disgusting. And I am livid that I sent this information to Gawker and they have not reported on it.

You can report this to Gawker: Tip Your Editors: or 646-214-8138

The link to the STILL THERE ILLEGALLY keywords is:

Also please, report this to GOOGLE! Their site CAN BE TAKEN DOWN PERMANENTLY FOR THIS. That means this is a SERIOUS INFRACTION. Google does not remove sites from their search engine for something that “ISN’T WORTH WORRYING ABOUT”.

“FURTHERMORE”: I have personally emailed Julia and let her know she’s CAUGHT RED HANDED and she removed the illegal coding from JUST ONE of the pages and not all. SHE KNOWS this is ILLEGAL as per Google and she is DOING IT ANYWAY.


THIS is where you can report this unscrupulous activity to Google:

Make sure you include the advice box URL as the URL that shows this, as they DID remove it from the QOD coding. But not the advice box coding, of course, conveniently.

So, dear Facebook airhead WTF do you have to say to THAT?

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