Monday, January 26, 2009

(to answer the question in my opinion)

The Contributors

You know what they say about the only way to be really successful is to do something that you would do for free, something that you love doing. I don’t believe for all of them this is true. I’ll give it to Julia, probably. But definitely not Meghan. I think Meghan did it to make money, even though she says she is the poorest and the happiest she’s ever been. I get the feeling she was seduced with the idea of being able to make money on her own terms after working for someone else at a job she didn’t like. Mary just wants to be successful and saw this as a way to do so. I bet she would love to be on TV. (and maybe she would do OK). But it is still clear that ‘blogging’ is not her passion. Julia sometimes acts like she is doing it not to make money (but we all know she is). She likes doing it, but not all the time, lately not even most of the time (and it shows). Which is fine when its a hobby, but not when its a business your asking others to get behind. if the model was having alot of women that wanted to blog (which is what i thought they eventually wanted), in a community and it had fun features for women, it would work. But only for the CEO(s) because they should just run ads on the pages and sometimes get a sponsor or two but in an obvious way like do a contest or something talking about the product and get a free one (like Secret Deodorant). Not have 3 people selling you things everyday in posts that are not meant for you to know how they got it. The key is having a site that people would go on and put their content knowing that you would get the money from it. (allot of sites do it everyday so it is possible). These women wont because in order to get others to participate for free, you have to really participate (not make one post in a day of your dog liking its arm).

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