Monday, January 26, 2009

The Rules are Made to be Broken???

Said “Charlsie” the intern:

Basically, the comment policy is that responses need to be on topic, answering the question of the day. Anything else at this point will be deleted. Too many people post things that should not be here, so it is my job to make sure that I keep this as clean as possible, so those that enjoy the Question of the Day, can do so instead of having to deal with unnecessary and rude comments.

It is rude for people to come in here and comment negatively because this is a space for readers, and if they want to share their opinions with the ladies of NonSociety or to others, they can e-mail or write about it on their own blog.

Dear NS:

If these are the rules then the above comment should also be deleted. It has nothing to do with the QOD so it’s not on topic. But was it? No. Because the real rules are that any comment, rude or NOT rude, that is posted with any negative feedback at all will be deleted. There have been MANY occasions that LEGITIMATE constructive criticism has been deleted. If you are going to delete anything off topic, be consistent. Otherwise you are just spoiled and obnoxious. And redundantly unethical.



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