Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear A,
I know a lot of Tumblr’s are mysteriously disappearing lately, and I’m not really sure why mine hasn’t been on that (s)hit list. I don’t understand that any more than I understand why Julia wrote me asking to talk in the first place. That struck me as more than odd. The Google thing was the beginning of the end for me as far as Julia goes, and her asking to speak to me knowing I throw snark at her “best friend” was just another layer of ice on a slippery slope. As far as any kind of “turf war”, that doesn’t really interest me in the least. I mean, I created this blog in July. Post Baugher but pre-RBNS. And I was excited by RBNS when I discovered it, and frequented the comments there because it was fun. In fact, I used to quote the comments and posts and credited my favorite commenters, always linking to RBNS in addition to posting a link to their page on my own. After it came out that I was going to do my own project, some thought it was my plan all along, some saw Veronica on the teaser and slammed that… and then god forbid I use a horrible word to draw the same conclusions as the other commenters… it was just so stupid and the haters are fickle and thats fine. This was never a blog I created for anyone’s approval or admiration, it was just ever meant to be a silly little blog that was inspired by the awful style and vapid glory that is Scary. Right away I found it laughable that this girl randomly “improved upon” someone else’s handbag design, called it her own, and thought that somehow set her a notch above the rest regarding taste and style. (She then later accuses Donna Karan of stealing “her” design???) I have a strong distaste for women whose priorities and goals center around being skinny and being a self-proclaimed snob. As someone with a little bit of background in the fashion industry I found her “taste” level even more tear jerking. Through reblogging her ridiculous posts I’ve watched NonSociety devolve and become yet another cog in the machine that I love to hate. Yeah I’ve seen the comments over there at RBNS. It bothered me at first but the reality is that on a real level I don’t care and it doesn’t effect my life. They’re only seeing me one dimensionally, as I’ve only bothered to show one dimension of myself on this particular blog. If haters who call Julia “Jankles” think my posts are somehow worse than theirs, or whatever they think… I don’t ultimately care. Unlike Julia, I’m not online seeking approval. I enjoy blogging. I don’t think I’m the best or the worst out there. I just enjoy it.
RE: The commenting… seems to be working fine?

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