Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Apparently, someone wasn’t a fan….


Mary picked out these outfits today, from Vivienne Westwood.

She said it would be something “different.” (If by “different” you mean “hideous.”)

Meghan’s dress looked better in person, very Leigh Lezark with her new hair. And I would have worn Mary’s dress, for sure.

My apologies Jules, I didn’t think you would be into the funky fashion of VW so I went a little more conservative for you. I’ll agree it probably wasn’t the best choice, but I thought the pinning would go over better. Perhaps it was the glasses?

Your second top was fun though! (Where is that picture?)

Megs dress is awesome! It was the first thing I chose at the showroom.

I’m not sure why Mary, who is “BFFs” with Julia, would choose a dress that she knows isn’t Julia’s style. Part of being a good stylist is getting a feeling for the person you are dressing. You want to put them in things they will FEEL beautiful in, not just look beautiful in. I would never pick a dress like that for Julia but you did and you know her way better than I ever could. I have to wonder… why you and Meghan’s are so drastically different. I’d feel slighted too, to be honest.

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