Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Frisky came up on my Google Alerts this morning, and I thought to myself, oh no, how has that bitch manipulated my words now?

But, I was pleasantly surprised to see her honest response to Julia’s post that exposed my potty mouth.

(The Frisky)
So listen, I have used the word “dyke” plenty of times before, among friends. Sure, I could totally pull out the age old “but I have soooo many gay friends and family members” excuse to justify it, but the thing is, I know using that word is offensive to some people, so I would never say it in mixed company and especially not on a public blog …I definitely wouldn’t just alter the post…I would acknowledge that I had offended people and that I understood why my remark was offensive, and that putting it on a public blog, as if it was no big deal, was even more offensive because it assumes that everyone else is just as cool with that kind of language. When you make a living providing a service or entertainment to an audience, you have a responsibility to that audience. It does with the territory.

I agree with her. Although it was Julia who posted the chat (without consent), the word came from my mouth. My friends know I have nothing against homosexuals, but the slang is inappropriate on my public page. To be completely frank, I was very upset about the post, and I asked she take it down immediately. Despite my best efforts, I really couldn’t find a way to genuinely apologize without the post seeming like I was just trying to cover my ass.

After reading Amelia’s post, I realized most of you understood I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, we all use slang, but the chat being blogged in a public place was inappropriate.

My sincere apologies to those who were offended.

So when the Frisky has an issue with you, you call them a “gossip rag” and even admit to thinking that the writer is a bitch. You then go on to give a half assed apology today because they even remotely empathized with your use of that word. Julia posted the chat (without your consent). Please tell me the significance of the consent aspect? Those words came out of your mouth, did they not? This apology comes off as I’m sorry I said this in PUBLIC. Not that you realize the underlying problems statements like that cause and be it in public or private that is just DEAD WRONG. I have said over and over how little you girls realize that you have a responsibility having taken on this public role. So why are you acting like this is the first time you’ve heard this?

Glad to see you you’re taking my advice though, bitch, and apologizing for the first time for the disgustingness that is you.

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