Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It’s been interesting so far, since we shared what we’ve been working on with you all. There has been a steady flow of feedback and we love that no matter what it is because it means we’ve inspired each and every one of those people to think and respond and insert themselves into a dialogue with us. And THAT is the point.

I think so many of you are used to the NonSociety method of avoiding actual interaction with their readers. We don’t even have our website posted yet and there is already an open dialogue going on. Think of how much different it would be over at NS if you could ask them a direct question or give them your feedback, good OR bad, and have them actually reply to you directly in an open forum and not just hiding in emails… does responding mean you are being defensive? Or that you are simply responding with your own thoughts on what has been presented? If we agree with you it will come off one way. If we do not agree with you it might come off defensive. The thing is, we aren’t here to “come off” in any kind of way. We are here to BE OURSELVES and share what WE think. We are not claiming to be experts, just claiming to be ourselves.

What is so interesting about us? I think there are plenty of interesting things about EVERYONE. What is so interesting about YOU? How can you know what is or isn’t interesting about people until they show you? Thus far we have a vague teaser and one audio post. If you think that is enough to determine how interesting we are, okay. Based on the emails and comments, quite a few of you related to a lot of the things we said. A few think I made this site knowing all along that I would come out with my own site and that is NOT true. I started this site in July, and had this been my plan all along I would not have waited 6-7 months to have only a teaser to show you.

It’s interesting to me how when you are in the trenches right next to people throwing stones, they are your comrades. God forbid you say, wait a minute. Rather than throw stones trying to get THEM to change, why don’t we try to BE that change? NS made it clear they weren’t down to hear what we had to say. Well you can keep talking to a brick wall and smashing your head into it over and over because snark is easier and more fun… or you can DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT YOURSELF.

After 7 months of posting snark, I’m sorry but however true it is, the things I say here… don’t you think that gets old to write? Every day. Poking fun and pointing out flaws in a person who will never really get it. Who doesn’t care to get it, absorb it, or evolve at all. I’m tired of trying to get NS to change. So why NOT move my time and energy over to something that is all the things I’ve been saying NS should be?

Some of you have rallied around us in support and others just I think, like to be in the trenches to throw stones at ANYONE who attempts to say something. This is an open invitation to ALL of you who reblog NS, who have snarky things to say… this is an invitation for you to be a part of something that promises to at least not make the SAME mistakes they have, to not slam our door in your face if you say things to critique us, to keep you in the loop as far as what we are doing and how. But with no idea at all the types of things we will talk about or write about, you have nothing really to critique yet other than the person putting this project together (me) has had this blog reblogging one of the members of NS. I think that kind of does qualify me to do this in the sense that for 7 months I have followed them AND you, the rebloggers. I have read things on ALL sides.

This is part of the reason I wanted to DO this project. I’m putting myself in their shoes. Being that I’ve posted so much snark about Mary I’m sure there will be the same stuff thrown at me. From this project I am either going to get to say, “See? I was right. If you just do this and this and this rather than this… it can work out and BE that community of varied people sharing and engaging with each other.” OR I could very well end up empathizing with the NS girls, realizing how difficult it is to have people nitpick everything you say and do no matter what your intentions. As a sociological experiment if nothing else.

Is it that you really don’t like those girls, or that you won’t like anyone who dares share their perspectives because “who are THEY anyway”? Who are YOU? Who am I? All along the stuff I have written here has been because it REALLY is what I am thinking. I really do disagree with what Mary specifically and sometimes the others, say and do and don’t say and don’t do, strategically. I have been confused, insulted, offeneded, etc. So I thought, well if they can do it why can’t we?

And I am seeing first hand that some of you hate on them because like me, you disagree with their message and methods… but a reality is too, that some of you hate on them because they are there to hate at all. And that it could be ANY other people in their places and they’d get the same thing.

Those aren’t the people I am appealing to. I am appealing to the people who like me, hoped for success for NS because we DID like the idea of a group of friends who have different personalities and ideals sharing their thoughts and pieces of their lives. I did like the sound of that, and I did want to follow that. When disappointed with what I saw, that changed. I know there are a lot of you out there who feel the same way as I do. You did want to see the site succeed. And were let down. It’s THOSE people, who have commented here and on RBNS and other sites that we are appealing to. Those who don’t want to be offended by hearing about Mary’s “dyke” haircut or see 859347583 pictures of Julia striking her pose. People who wanted to hear a similar conversation to one you would have with your own girlfriends, talking about what you see, hear, read, experience, feel and go through. People who want to feel that they can then involve themselves in that conversation, since an impression was made, whether their response is positive or disagrees.

I talk. You talk. I talk. You talk. Are you being defensive to me by responding? Am I being defensive to you by responding? Or are we each just being ourselves and having a conversation where opinions will be the same in some areas and differ in others?

Something to think about…

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