Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Flowers, jewelry, dinner, a card, a trip… Tres creative. How original. *yawn*

Here are some alternatives:

For the adventurous: Send your lover on a wild goose chase.

Create a treasure hunt that sends him/her from one place to another… maybe one clue sends them to the bakery where they’ll pick up their favorite cake (you’ve paid for already!), with another clue inside sending them to your local sex shop instructing him/her to pick up something risky, another clue instructs them to get a bottle of champagne… etc. Get imaginative and personalize it! The last clue could send your lover to a hotel room where you are already inside, waiting for them.

For the romantic: Remember the Notebook?

One of the most romantic movies of all time inspired me to do one of the most romantic things I had ever done for someone. I bought a leather bound notebook and used paints to decorate the outside. Inside, each page had pictures of us through the years, or lyrics to songs of significance to us that I wrote by hand and decorated, and I copied love letters we had written to each other into it. This is something that hardly costs anything at all, but I promise you it’s something that you BOTH will treasure. You can use the blank pages to add to the book as the relationship progresses.

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