Tuesday, February 17, 2009



The rumors are true. Not just that Google provides free meals for their employees, but the food is top notch and healthy (should you choose that route).

How did I get in? The Googler (friend from college) invited me to see the spectacle.

I created a heaping plate of raw and grilled veggies prepared with different sauces and spices and coupled it with vegan, sugarless, butternut squash soup. Yum! You know I had dessert. Amongst an assortment of cookies and brownies, I chose banana bread pudding that looked like goo but tasted like heaven.

Unbelievably (to me), Googler chomped on a Sloppy Joe with fries instead of aromatic roasted duck, grilled salmon, or even mac and cheese.

So good, and so free. Thanks G.

(Note: Picture above is a Google lunch from Google Images. Apparently I signed away my right to blog when I got my guest badge. Damn.)

Are you ladies ass kissing Google looking for a break? Hoping to get away with website-murder? If Google doesn’t take your site down for hidden keywords, they would then legally need to explain to every other site that was taken down for the same reasons, just why they were deleted and you were not. Still waiting to hear from your programmer. It’s been over a week. Do you think we’ve forgotten?

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