Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This one reblog, and one other from Meghan: That's. All. Folks.


Thank you, Julia Allison, for boldly leading us into the touch-screen future. Your noble vision is an example to innovators around the world … or it would be, if your hideously designed trainwreck of a site ACTUALLY WORKED on the Iphone. FAIL.COM!!!

This post is vintage Julia - some drivel childishly intended to fool the reader into thinking the author is knowledgeable, backed up by absolutely nothing. It’s not vaporware, it’s vapidware. Testing the site is something for the little people to do (when they’re not hustling for free headbands), Julia’s busy envisioning the future of “information architecture”.

The real tragedy in this story is the fate of the poor web developer who was forced to implement this FAIL. Imagine the conference calls with Julia’s braying midwestern voice (punctuated by thought-free squeaks from Meghan) directing the developer “once more into the breach” of a horizontally scrolling design. You almost feel like the resulting pages are an attempt to bring the “company” down from within. If that’s the case, congratulations anonymous sir (or madam), you’ve constructed a webpage of shiteous distinction. I salute your passive-aggressive blow against the vanity-industrial complex.

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