Thursday, February 19, 2009

So the next time I hear from JA it's this...

Trainwrecks reposted an entry, you can view it on TW's page here:

I replied to TW's repost here:

I then get this email:

But she seemed so SUPPORTIVE in her IMs with me?? And remember, as long as it isn't PHYSICALLY hurting someone she doesn't care! That's why of course I got this email from her. In case it's hard to see:

Katrina Kay is her real name. We know each other personally, as in, I have her number saved in my phone, which she typed in, with the name "Katrina Kay."

Stop being so goddamn rude, though.

It's really obnoxious.

Wait, I'm the one being obnoxious? Rude? LMAO, well maybe but... again. Pot. Kettle. etc. Fuck, at least I admit it when I'm being a bitch. My reply:

I wonder if you also emailed "trainwrecks" since that is the individual who initially commented on the name issue?

Since she doesn't professionally go by that name and has not acted under that name whatsoever (though IMDB does list Katie Bowden as an AKA... no Katrina Kay) are you that surprised that it might be pointed out by us lesser people who don't have her number in our phones?

What is obnoxious is that you have twice called me obnoxious. Though I have given you constructive criticism I haven't thrown those kinds of words your way. Mary's, but not yours. It's almost like you want me to hate you or something.

I would think that with your resume you would understand just how personal this reblogging shit ISN'T. It is... but it isn't. And when one goes away, somewhere else another comes along to take their place. It's all part of it.

So stop being so goddamn rude.

PS: Thanks though, for the motivation. After pulling an all nighter working on Life On Blast I was about to nap for a few hours and this email from you has inspired a fresh pot of coffee.


  1. Just because she typed Katrina Kay into your phone, JA, doesn't in any way make that her proper name. Nice that you're BFF with her but you are writing for us, right? So shouldn't your blog refer to her in a way that we can understand? I mean for cripesake.

  2. i can't say i'm surprised that they're "personal friends" i worked with Katrina at Youtube Live back in November and she was HORRID. she was a complete snob, and couldn't manage to memorize the 5 or so lines she had for our 5 minute video. she gave the crew so much grief that they scrapped the video altogether. i made the mistake of mispronouncing her name and she was incredibly rude from there on out and spend the rest of the shoot making snarky comments about everyone on set and rolling her eyes.

    birds of a feather...

  3. Last time I checked having someones number in your phone doesn't mean you necessarily "know them personally", especially when you are in a profession that involves heavy networking. Have you chatted? Hung out? I feel like if they even lunched or talked sporadically she'd have said that. I mean, she specified that "she typed it in" and overall that's a weak crutch to lean on.

    Any excuse to name drop.

  4. Funny how she jumps on you for your correction, then goes ahead and makes a change you mention (in your email response to her) in the next usage of the same name anyway.

    Isn't that always the way with NS and JA though, attack others for their corrections then go ahead and make the correction with no credit to the one who pointed it out to begin with.

  5. She also did that regarding the Kimora Lee Simmons post from her Fashion Week "coverage".

  6. scary,

    is it really fair for you to act all high and mighty? though you may not address julia with such scathing words as "obnoxious" (gasp!) you HAVE said some pretty nasty things about her. at least that's what i've gotten from what i've read of your blog so far. ex. the "I hate you" cupcake (although you did post the cupcake after this exchange). and anyways, even if you did throw nasty words at mary and not julia, doesn't it make sense for julia to likewise be rude to you? i mean, mary's her friend. how should a person act towards someone who's constantly insulting their friend?

    what do you think?

  7. High and mighty? I stood up for Julia, dear, until after all this. She was ragging on Mary right along with me and it was after that that my gripe shifted to her. She wasn't rude to me because I was rude to Mary. She was the one who asked to talk to me, and she was the one who stayed in IMs with me for hours on end talking to this person who has insulted their "friend". So get off YOUR high horse. Because you've got it all wrong.


  8. perhaps julia didn't jump on you right away for ragging on mary because she wanted to get more info / advice / perspective / whatever out of you? maybe mary was in it from the beginning, and knew about the conversations all along. i mean, what benefits nonsociety will ultimately benefit both julia AND mary. maybe she was just playing you, "dear." then perhaps she changed her attitude because eventually you started to get, um, obnoxious? but i'm just hypothesizing at this point.

    p.s. you ARE rude. unintentionally or not, you're a bitch. i left a perfectly respectable comment (if it sounded any other way it was unintentional) and you reply with snark. sheesh!!!

  9. Um duh this is a SNARKY blog. If you don't want to read rude snark why do you come? To be the little brat wagging your finger? This is MY blog. This blog is not a business... I can write whatever I want, I can be however I want. Including a bitch, IF I WANT to people who come here to be little prissy bitches in my comment section.

    And what makes you think those things didn't run through my mind? I was obviously playing HER as well. And if you're so righteous, why are you posting here as "Anonymous".

    Ugh. Shoo fly... don't bother me.

  10. so, you say that you can be snarky if you want? very true. so can julia! i believe it was you who said "stop being so goddamn rude" in the above email to julia. and you just stated that your blog is a snarky blog. if you are going to be so rude and abrasive when talking about (or to) julia (or mary) then why do you deserve to be treated any other way? again, something you've said: "I haven't thrown those kinds of words your way." your "rude snarky" blog proves otherwise. if you can't take it, then don't give it!! haha

    i'm just trying to start a discussion, scary. if you don't want to be "bothered" then don't enable comments.

  11. I said that to her because I was repeating what SHE said to me. Can you read? Because your reading comprehension seems to horribly lacking. At the time I said "I haven't thrown those words your way", Miss Thing, I HADN'T. It wasn't until I got her ignorant and harassing email that I started to. You aren't starting a discussion. Delusional much? You're on a hater blog standing up for those I am hating on. Wrong place for that, idiot. I have comments enabled because I'm not like your beloved Julia who either doesn't allow them at all or who deletes them at will. Maybe I should be more like the one you LOVE SO MUCH and delete your fuck ass comments?


    /me swats at the fly.

  12. dude. my point in the same. you have a blog DEVOTED to bashing people. i believe that much we can agree on. then you get enraged about people using a bit of SNARK with you. yes? no?