Tuesday, March 3, 2009



New iMacs galore, too! Same awesome stuff, but just more of it. More evolution than revolution, but that’s ok!

This is the in depth coverage of the NonSense tech blogger. Thank you SO much, Meghan! You've definitely been not just informative but entertaining with your educated, detailed comparison.

"New mac, same stuff just more of the stuff."



  1. Mary baby, I am glad to see your posts because I'm def more anti-NS than pro-NS but I hope that you would put all your "hater energy" into making LOB the most ass-kickingest, honest, authentic, caring, inspiring, reader-focused, chock-full-o-content website out there. There is nothing to be gained from hating on NS, as I'm sure you know by now....it only detracts from your positive LOB focus.

    Anyhow...Good luck! And you know what? Fuck em. If you have to befriend the NS girls and call truce in order to create a field of positive energy around what you're doing? Who cares. Do it. Just bring us some good content.

    That is all. Sayonara.

  2. Thank you so much for your constructive and genuine words.

    As far as the site and all that... it's what I've been working so hard on! And why I've been posting less here.

    Thank you so much for your words... on both sides of the coin.