Monday, March 2, 2009


Julia celebrated her 28th birthday with a "bicoastal birthday party", which she shared with Randi Zuckerberg. A few things to note. Tacky tacky matchy matchy sequined dresses (which I'm sure Julia didn't pay for) and plastic pumps. Headbands and earrings from Claire's or some such teeny bopper mall store. Pink and blue was the color scheme... but Meghan didn't wear pink or blue. Something else I find interesting is... with 4 photogs at each party... why was there not one picture of all three girls, "sisters", best friends... And the birthday cake had only Randy's name, though it was a "joint" party. The rumor mill has been spinning that there's a rift between the girls and I'm actually starting to believe it. Meghan looks miserable in almost every picture she's in and Mary seems to be laughing AT Julia and not with her.

Rachel Sklar: Um, get the fuck OFF me, you crazy bitch!

ME! Mememememememememememeeeeeee!

Julia finally gets some. Cupcakes.

JA does her best villian pose. Could she be any more vain? Is it even possible?

She looks like a wax figure.


  1. dude, you werent there! you have no idea what the fuck was going on!

  2. Julia stop posting in my comments section. Unless you want to add comments to YOUR OWN BLOG.

    I wonder why you don't?


    I didn't have to "be there" to write any of these words. Pictures posted all over the internet, not one of the 3 girls. That's called an observation. One name on the cake. Another observation. Etc.

    Deal with it or don't. I love how there has been about 3 or 4 comments in row from "Anonymous" allllll sticking up for NS. Don't think I don't know, and don't think that the regular readers of this blog don't know.

    Screw off.