Monday, January 26, 2009


I’m lounging on Chris’ daybed with Mase, enjoying a glass of Chablis, looking out at the rose garden in the front yard wondering what is coming in the next year. As much as I wish a house and a rose garden were in my near future, I know they are years away. Chris works his ass off for his Hollywood home, so I’m confident I will have a yard soon :)


I’m posing on Chris’ daybed with my dog, since I have no man to love me, staring at my own reflection, trying to drink myself into thinking my life is better than it is and pleading with god to make next year better than the string of failures my life has been thus far. As much as I wish a husband was in my near future to take care of me so I can dump this sugar daddy and stop leeching off my parents, I know that is years away. Chris works his ass off for his Hollywood home… if only Julia would come up with a way to make us some money off this stupid blogging shit, maybe THEN all my dreams will come true. Maybe then I could buy my own little house with a rose garden WITHOUT a man! Then me and Mason could live happily ever after, just the two of us.

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