Monday, January 26, 2009


Vivienne Westwood (submitted by L)

She had a lot to say about this look:

Somehow Vivienne Westwood has put together an outfit that encapsulates where fashion, in my mind, is today — young women who wore leggings and oversized tunic sweaters, neon high tops and visors at age 6, and now again at 26. Tethered to the past while wildly trying to figure out how to modernize. This look would not be out of place on any number of street fashion/style blogs, where young women cock their hips and split their legs, pout and stare aimlessly at something out of frame, like they’ve got lazy eyes and their moms forgot to make them wear their corrective eyepatches. But here comes Ms. Westwood, putting it on her runway, on a model that looks like she knows just how silly it all is, but also knows she can pull it off. Fashion is silly. But not believing in your own personal style, or look, is even sillier. So major claps to Westwood, for pulling off my ‘favorite’ look, neatly tying together street trends, humility, confidence, and vertical stripes.

I read the letter before I looked at the picture, and I was little surprised by the ensemble. Because it’s Vivienne Westwood, I guess we have to applaud her and shake our heads, but I’m not sure I agree with L. I think this is WTF, not jaw-dropping, or even really remarkable. But that is the beauty of fashion, you don’t have to agree. You just have to rock the shit out of the look.


This is probably the most youthful and funky of the looks, and yet you slam it in favor of grandma gear. These people (supposedly) entered your contest and you choose to slam the few readers who are retarded enough to enter your lame “contest” for stuff you got free anyway. Alienate them, one by one. Good girl.

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