Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay this one is amazing, guys. Within minutes of Mary posting this, I received the following email:

I have a tumblr called The Nutritionista. It’s all about eating well and basically advocates everything Mary Rambin does not (you know, eating during the day, consuming solids, etc.). Well, she just reblogged one of the recipes I posted without noticing that half the posts on my blog are refuting and/or making fun of various food advice she and her cohorts have given. I’m copying it here because she’ll delete as soon as she explores any more of my tumblr (if she does):


I’ve really enjoyed following Jessica and Courtney’s MyDailyBread blog lately. I believe it was Jessica who wrote me about it when I asked for recipe submissions. And now, they’ve directed me to nutritionista.

Between Sarah, Jessica, and Courtney I am definitely inspired to start cooking again. Like really cooking, not just throwing veggies in a pan.

Honestly, I’m a little pissed because I don’t want anyone to think we’re in the same camp on food stuff. Anyway, I thought you’d appreciate another idiotic Mary story.

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