Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some more about Life On Blast...

I promised to share as much as I could with you as we start this project, so here goes. If you came here for the snark, that’s cool… just scroll on past this entry.

When I decided that I was for sure going to go ahead and give this project a shot, I thought about my friends and who out of them would not only be right for this type of thing but also who would enjoy it. For a minute I thought about going in an entirely different direction and interviewing bloggers who are already familiar with the online world and the platforms I’d be using. I dismissed that thought right away, because I know that there is no way to fake a connection in the long haul and I want a type of interaction that only people who know each other in a genuine context, people who connect organically and not because they have to, could provide. This was something I put thought into, I didn’t just draw names out of a hat.

I know a lot of wonderful, dynamic, interesting women and it wasn’t easy to figure out. But the girls that I came to decide on were all chosen because each of us has something unique from the other to bring to the table. I was hoping to have at least one perspective that each person could relate to, because I do know that everyone won’t relate to me… but they might relate to one of the other girls. We have each walked very different paths from each other. In my circle, I value this. When I want advice or feedback or insight, I don’t want to go to someone just like me. I want to go to someone who’s strengths I admire because they are different than mine, who’s opinions I respect. Someone who will open my mind to another way of thinking about whatever it is than I would have thought of on my own. I wanted to be able to offer that to whoever comes by to visit us online. If this were all about ego, I would do it by myself and save myself the process of having to familiarize my friends, who have never really blogged before, with Tumblr and Blogger and “lifecasting” and buying domains and server space and page design and SEO and and and and and… as it is we are scratching the surface each day. Personally, I’ve been blogging for years. Them? Not so much.

But to me, blogging or videos are only the envelope we are sending our message inside of. The technical aspect. What they are bringing to the table is the message itself. For as much as we are each so different, I love each of these women because of the common threads we all share. I believe in the strength of those threads, that’s why I value them so much. I think each possess qualities that are beautiful and rare as friends and as modern women.

We are not perfect, and we are not claiming to be perfect. I’m sure there are things that could be said about any person. Some people love me and are justified, some don’t and are probably justified and I think anyone can relate to that and say the same of themselves. We want to show you our humanity. We are brilliant and flawed at the same time. Perfectly imperfect. And we know it. On both counts.

I think it’s important to share that, to show that… in as many places as possible. That women can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. That a woman can be hard, but soft. That we are each a paradox. I think in most of modern media we see unrealistic ideals all over the place. Movies, books, music, television, magazines… and online… all telling us how we should look, what we should like, how to express ourselves, what love should be like… No one and nothing real can live up to the picture that’s painted for us. This to me, is the significance of doing a project like this.

Here are women from different backgrounds, who have had different challenges and experiences both professionally and personally… sharing with you our thoughts in a real way. Contemplating realistic expectations of ourselves, of others, of our lives… while also showing that it’s perfectly okay to express yourself, that you shouldn’t let anyone have the power to cut you down, it’s okay to stand up to bullies and haters, it’s okay to curse and drink and have sex as a grown woman without feeling like there is something wrong with it. If you are responsible with what you do, feel free to do it. Write your own list of rules, come up with your own expectations, pave your own way… define success for yourself. Do what fills you up inside. Give back to society in whatever way you can. Be spontaneous. Be yourself and love who you are how you are. With your head held high and no reservations about it.

Not all of our content will be a lesson on swimming in the deep end. Again, that’s just not realistic. We want to share as much as we can with you, so we plan on covering a range of topics, some with depth… others not so much. We are going to talk about it the way we really talk about it. Not filtering what we say through ambitions of grandeur, just being true to ourselves. Not feeling that by expressing yourself honestly you are then responsible for how others feel. You aren’t. Maybe you’ll find something to relate to and then you’ll contribute, opening the conversation up to whoever cares to join in.

There is a lot more I could say but this is getting kind of long and well, you will get to see for yourself soon enough. But I wanted to give a little more depth as far as what this is about… and I hope we’ve left you thinking and ready to be inspired and receive us with an open mind. We will keep you posted as things progress! And for those of you who have emailed and commented and reposted your support… we’re glad to see you “get it” and are excited about the ideas we’ve shared!

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